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Packaging Materials Supplier

Packaging Materials.


Looking for Packaging materials in UAE? Contact us now for all Packaging boxes under one Roof, Order online before 5 PM for next day Delivery all over UAE directly from our website – duboxx.com.


Corrugated Boxes



  • Packaging boxes have a wide variety of uses that meet demands of packaging such as Cake boxes, Kraft boxes, Shipping and Moving boxes, Cardboard boxes, E-commerce boxes, Pizza boxes, Gift boxes, Balloon boxes, Heavy duty boxes, Cupcake boxes, Sandwich boxes, Duplex carton
  • Packaging boxes are lightly weighted which is a perfect advantage when it comes to shipping.
  • They are thick and strong – This quality helps to withstand heavy weight and minimalizes damage caused during shipping.
  • Economical and Flexible – They are cost effective and can be customized as per your requirements in different shapes and sizes.


  1. Make use of Packaging Paper (Direct link –
  2. https://duboxx.com/product-category/wrapping-accessores/packing-paper/) and Bubble wrap (https://duboxx.com/product-category/wrapping-accessores/packing-paper/) in huge quantity to protect your household and Valuable products. The cost is inexpensive and the protection of your products is Priceless.
  3. Heavy weighted items should be always packed in a smaller carton box So that you can easily lift the box with less stress.
  4. Do not let the Packaging helpers or Movers pack your Valuable items such as Jewelry, Camera, etc. You can easily carry these stuff in your Car along with you.
  5. Planning is very important Aspect, So take a lot of time and plan the entire packing process wisely.
  6. You can save a lot of time by packing all the items yourself. You can find packaging boxes, Moving boxes packs at cheaper rates at duboxx.com. Most used boxes Packs for Shipping and Moving your items are:

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