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shipping Boxes
10 Medium Moving Boxes Pack 85AED

AED 85.00 ex.vat

Avaiability: in stock

Pack Includes

  1. 10psc of  5 ply Heavy-Duty boxes.
  2. Size: (450 x 450 x 450 MM) Length x width x Height
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Product Description

10 Medium Moving Boxes or Shipping Boxes

Try our 10 Medium Moving Boxes Pack Just for AED 85

These boxes are made of 5ply corrugated material which can take weight up to 25-30KGS

About Corrugated Boxes

Single-Wall Corrugated Sheet

Single-wall corrugated box styles vary in material strength and durability. This can be tested with “Edge Crush Test” (ECT). Typically, however, single-wall corrugated boxes can carry weights from 23 ECT to up to 56 ECT. In other words, very light and “weaker” single-wall corrugated boxes can hold up to 20 lbs, in the minimum.

Double-Wall and Triple Wall Corrugated Box

Because there is at least two walls of corrugated sheets in this style of corrugated box, double-wall, and triple-wall boxes are of course more durable. The downside to this, if applicable, is that the box is less flexible (which may be necessary for certain products). These two corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping and storage, as they are quite durable and can withstand regular wear and tear. Double-wall ECT is between 40 and 85.

Triple-wall boxes have three stacked corrugated sheets and four liner board facings. Because of this, the ply count of the triple-wall box is 7. Triple-wall boxing is very, very strong, and can typically hold up to 300 lbs. Their ECT score is typically in the range between 70 and 115. This is the strongest form of corrugated boxing.


What is fluting? Fluting refers to the part of corrugated boxing that helps to strengthen material for stacking and durability. It also can be potentially used for custom printing and graphics. Fluting comes in various types and each type of unique in its own way.


The very first type of corrugated flute made, this type is most often used for wrap or stacking.


This type of flute appears much thinner than others, but do not let its’ appearance fool you. B-Flute is quite strong, and it typically used for counter displays, canned food items, and die-cut boxes.


This type is in between thickness of type A and C. It is flexible and bendable. This is the most often used type of flute in cardboard boxes. You have likely seen this type used for shipping packages.


Type is very thin and not typically used for shipping. E-Flute is often used for cosmetics and personal items.


This is still a very new type of corrugated flute. This is very thing flute and is often used for food items (such as boxes for hamburgers) and other disposable items. It is very lightweight.

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Additional Information

Dimensions450 x 450 x 450 mm


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