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Air Bubble Cut as Per MTR

AED 5.00 ex.vat

Avaiability: in stock
  • Size: 1.5 x Running MTR(Total no of MTR’S Ordered)
  • Please note this will not be cut into each MTR’s
  • General purpose bubble wrap, the most popular type of bubble wrap in general use.
  • Made from small bubbles
  • Cut into total MTR’s and packed in a roll or fold
  • Can be used for filling gaps or wrapping fragile items
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Product Description

About Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is highly recommended and is highly used when packing fragile items like glasses, Show Lights, Jars etc. It protects the items from breaking. It is highly used packaging material when moving things, shifting your belongings etc. Bubble Roll/Wrap is a best and easy way to keep all your products safe. It prevents general wear and tear of products and also avoids any kind of scratches during storage or Relocation. We provide the roll in small quantity as well as bulk.


The bubbles that provide the cushioning for fragile or sensitive objects are generally available in different sizes, depending on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed. Multiple layers might be needed to provide shock and vibration isolation. A single layer might be used just as a surface protective layer. Bubble wrap is used to form some types of mailing envelopes.

Bubble wrap is most often formed from polyethylene (LDPE) film with a shaped side bonded to a flat side to form air bubbles. Some types of bubble wrap have a lower permeation barrier film to allow longer useful life and resistance to loss of air in vacuums.

The bubbles can be as small as 6 millimeters (1/4 inch) in diameter, to as large as 26 millimeters (1 inch) or more, to provide added levels of shock absorption during transit. The most common bubble size is 1 centimeter.[citation needed] In addition to the degree of protection available from the size of the air bubbles in the plastic, the plastic material itself can offer some forms of protection for the object in question. For example, when shipping sensitive electronic parts and components, a type of bubble wrap is used that employs an anti-static plastic that dissipates static charge, thereby protecting the sensitive electronic chips from static which can damage them

Additional Information





Size (MM)

1.5×1 Mtr




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