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Bubble Padded Envelope
Bubble Padded Envelopes A5

AED 7.00 ex.vat

Avaiability: 120 in stock
  • Size:  A5
  • Size Mentioned as (Length x Height)MM
  • Best value bubble lined mailers
  • Economical, protective general-use postal envelopes
  • Bubble lined with a glazed Kraft paper outer for tear resistance
  • Peel-and-seal adhesive strip for secure closure
  • Check below or Click on Product Inquiry Button for Bulk order

In stock

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PaperNABROWNA51 PSC765.5

About Bubble Maling Envelopes

Bubble mailing envelopes are used in mailing of different applications, The air bubble layer inside protects the item from damages and gives a cushion effect to your item and also protect the item from water and dust

They are easy to store handle and ship, comes with a self-adhesive peel and seal.


The exterior envelope can be made of a Kraft Paper

Kraft paper or Kraft is paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process.

The External Part of Bubble Mailing Envelopes is a porous Kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability

Pulp produced by the Kraft process is stronger than that made by other pulping processes; acidic sulfite processes degrade cellulose more, leading to weaker fibers, and mechanical pulping processes leave most of the lignin with the fibers, whereas kraft pulping removes most of the lignin present originally in the wood. Low lignin is important to the resulting strength of the paper, as the hydrophobic nature of lignin interferes with the formation of the hydrogen bonds between cellulose (and hemicellulose) in the fibers.

Kraft pulp is darker than other wood pulps, but it can be bleached to make a white pulp. Fully bleached kraft pulp is used to make high-quality paper where strength, whiteness, and resistance to yellowing are important.


The padding material, Air Bubble Sheet


These mailers have an integral flap that has, a gummed (water-activated) adhesive tape to allow easy and secure closure


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