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packing paper, packing paper, white packing paper
Packing Paper -White (1KG)

AED 10.00 ex.vat

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  • Plain packaging paper with natural color
  • Can be used for filling gaps or wrapping fragile items
  • A low cost, all-purpose packaging material for various industries
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Check below for the quantity discount chart
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Product Description

About Packing Paper

Packing paper or Wrapping Paper broadly refers to any sort of papers which are used for the purpose of packaging, or simply speaking to Pack or Wrap any article like shoes, garments, toys, handicrafts, fruits, gifts, flowers, etc.

Below is the quantity discount chart


Packaging paper/Wrapping paper used for packaging products for shipping to protecting your items our products meet all your needs. So whether you’ve got a specific use in mind, or want a versatile packaging solution, Our Packing tissue paper, cardboard Roll and Kraft paper sheets, Packaging Paper are the perfect choice for your shipping and moving needs. We have the best sales Team to help you find the right solution, so you can order with confidence.

Whatever you need to wrap, you’re sure to find the ideal solution in our range of Kraft paper sheets and corrugated rolls.  You can choose Kraft sheets, Packaging Paper- normal GSM, to help you fulfill your Wrapping responsibility. For something stronger, you can also choose from a range of corrugated cardboard rolls, dividers, and edge protectors, to give products solid protection – or Tissue paper for a more premium and secure feel.

Packaging Paper can be used for wrapping fragile items such as Glass, Vases, Mirror, valuables home decor etc.

Packing paper can be also used to fill the gaps or as space, filler to secure the product when shipping or Moving.

Wrapping paper mainly fills the needs of people while moving from one place to another.

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