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Box For Merchandise -Small 30x18x7CM with Transparent Window

AED 7.00 ex.vat

Avaiability: 500 in stock
  • Size: 300 x 180 x 70 MM
  • Two Psc Box with a Transparent window on Top
  • Drop Down The size bar to check the available sizes
  • Made 350Gsm  from Kraft Material
  • Food Graded
  • Can be used to store or carry food
  • For Bulk Orders Please Click the Product Inquiry Button Below

In stock

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Product Description

Kraft / Hardboard / Gift accessories

Having a birthday party or wedding or any party where you need materials to pack return gifts for your guest? Just as you want people to like your gift you would even want them to like the packaging made to the gift. Don’t you?


So here at Duboxx.com, we have a wide range of Kraft boxes, Paper board boxes and Hardboard boxes, Gift boxes, Wrapping paper, Shredded Paper, Ribbons, and many more products to bring joy in your life packed up in our boxes.


For any object that you buy either a fragile item or a non-fragile item, when been gifted to someone, is often kept in a box say Kraft boxes or Paper board boxes or gift boxes. If the object doesn’t really break easily then Hardboard boxes are been used. Hardboard boxes are strong in nature with the capability to withstand heavy objects and are even scratch-resistant.


The second reason why objects are placed in a box is for its structure. When the object is kept in a box it stands still and its solid structure making it easy to be carried or to be wrapped with wrapping paper.


Don’t want those boring brown colored Kraft boxes? Or those common white-colored Paper board boxes? Want some colorful prints or solids on your gift boxes?

Then what are you waiting for? Go and check Duboxx.com now for some amazing collection of gift boxes in different colors as well as different prints and are even available in different sizes.


If you’ve been thinking that Duboxx.com has only got boxes then you’re wrong because they not only have boxes here but have almost all gift packing accessories. They have some really good collection of wrapping papers. Wrapping papers are available not only in solid colors but also available with some simple detailed prints.


They even have got Shredded paper and Ribbons both available in different colors. Shredded paper as known to us are used to fill in boxes and Ribbon is a multi-purpose product.


Duboxx.com has almost all gift packing accessories from Kraft boxes, Paper board boxes, they even have hardboard boxes, shredded paper, ribbons, wrapping paper, and many more things available all in one place then why anywhere else go. The even take bulk orders and provide super fast delivery. Duboxx.com your one-stop destination for almost all your packaging solutions.










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