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Tv Packing Box -48″ inch 1200 X 200 X 850 MM WITH PACKING KIT

AED 150.00 ex.vat

Avaiability: in stock
  • Size : 1200 X 200 X 850 MM
  • Packing Kit Includes: 
  • 2 Psc Polystyrene Sheet 120 x 80 x 20 MM
  • 3 x 1.5 MtR Bubble roll cut Psc
  • 2Psc Fragile stickers
  • 1 Psc Bopp Tape
  • Suitable for the TV 48 Inches
  • Actual TV size may vary depending on the model and make, Please check the size before selecting the Standard size or Contact us for Customization.*
  • Can be Customized According to your Size, Contact us for Customization (*Extra Price will be added based on the custom size)
  • 2 Pm will be the cut off time for same day collection and next day delivery on any working day (Saturday – Thursday)
Product Enquiry

Product Description

Cardboard Tv Packing Box

Duboxx is your one-stop online shop to solve your problem of moving or shipping your used Tv’s Our Cardboard TV packing box can be used for packing Tv so now easily get  TV Moving Box and a general Flat Screen TV Moving Box at Duboxx without any hassle.

Cardboard Tv Packing Box

These boxes are heavy duty, double walled moving boxes that are available in different sizes to fit flat screen televisions from 24” to 65” Tv’s Also great for moving Paintings & Artwork.


Want custom Tv packing box?

Yes, Also get your Tv box custom made based on your Tv size, without worrying to dismantle any part of your used Tv,

just provide us with the size you need in terms of Length x Width x height, below  is the image guide on how to measure your Tv box

So it’s simple as that your Tv box will be ready, custom made to fit your used Tv and the Tv box is easy to close, just tape the flaps from the bottom place your packed Tv inside the box fill the gaps using the foam sheets and tape the top flaps make sure the Tv box is securely packed without letting any space for the tv inside to move


Cushioning Your Tv Box?

You can buy our Tv packing kit which includes all the necessary items to pack your tv safely like Foam sheets, bubble roll, Tapes & Fragile stickers Separately


Below are the Standard Sizes of Tv Boxes

  • TV PACKING BOX -24″ INCH 640 X 130 X 460 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -32″ INCH 840 X 150 X 570 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -40″ INCH 1020 X 150 X 655 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -43″ INCH 1070 X 160 X 740 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -46″ INCH 1130 X 180 X 800 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -48″ INCH 1200 X 200 X 850 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -50″ INCH 1300 X 200 X 850 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -55″ INCH 1350 X 200 X 900 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -60″ INCH 1460 X 200 X 950 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -65″ INCH 1570 X 200 X 1000 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -70″ INCH 1650 X 170 X 970 MM


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Additional Information

Dimensions1200 x 200 x 850 mm

TV 48 Inches/ Frames/Mirrors / Computer Monitors


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